Groupthink is a phenomenon wherein people seek unanimous agreement in spite of contrary facts pointing to another conclusion.

Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor kills more than 2,300 Americans.
Bay of Pigs
April 17, 1961
1,300 members of a CIA-supported force storms the beaches of Cuba.
January 28, 1986
The Challenger explosion claims the lives of all seven members of its crew.

CRM Learning's film, GROUPTHINK, is a riveting look at the events and group decision-making that led up to the Challenger disaster. Dr. Irving Janis, a forefather in the study of group dynamics, explains the fundamental concepts of groupthink. Then, the video analyzes the historic meetings that proceeded the Challenger launch.

When team members' desire for agreement overrides their ability to evaluate alternative courses of action, they no longer see how a unanimous decision can actually threaten their goals. The groupthink phenomenon has contributed to countless disasters, including those depicted above, but its warning signs are easily recognizable and it can be prevented.
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is an excellent film about the human problems involved in decision making. It lays bare our common need for reinforcement while it also illustrates an equal need to hear the prophetic voice.?

-Ralph Chandler, Ph.D.,
Professor, Western Michigan

Eight warning signs of groupthink:

Four key preventative strategies: